unleash boudoir
unleash boudoir

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Question 01 : What exactly IS Boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography can mean different things to everyone you ask, but I see it as tasteful, classy, and gorgeous photos and an empowering experience for women. To see women arrive at their session nervous, timid and unsure of themselves and leave with a newfound confidence and ecstatic about their photos is so rewarding to me.


Question 02 : Can I bring my own props to my session?

I encourage you to! Feel free to bring anything that adds a personal feel to your session - a guitar, a fedora hat, something of your partner's, masks, birdcage hat/veil, or anything you want to bring to showcase your personality or to make your session feel more like you. I also keep a small amount of props for client use such as jewelry, scarves, hats, and more.


Question 03 : How long will my shoot be?

Depending on what package you choose will determine how long your session will be.


Question 04 : How many images do we receive and how?

That is also up to you. My collections include various amounts of images depending on the length of your shoot and how many outfits you bring. You can also purchase additional images or products like a leather bound album of your favorites.


Question 05 : Can I bring a friend with me to my session?

Of course you can! I actually offer boudoir marathons so that you and your girlfriends can have your shoots on the same day! If you're interested in that feel free to contact us about it!


Question 07 : Will you post my photos on your website?

Your privacy is incredibly important to me. I will not post any photos from your session on my website/blog or on any social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) without specific written consent. If you do not want your images posted, they won't be. Simple as that.


Average Investment

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Client Love
Client Love

Sarah James

My senior session was an absolute blast and my images turned out beautifully! I can't recommend enough booking with Boss Lady - DO IT!!

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